Pharaoh Records Learning Academy


Pharaoh Records Learning Academy is now offering private music lessons to willing students of all ages!

Our instructor, Hannah Whorton, has had a wide range of experience in many instruments, styles and musical techniques. She has a fiery passion for all kinds of music and believes that music is the greatest gift a person can give. No matter your skill level or experience, everyone deserves a chance to create their own music and develop their own style.

Lessons include:

  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Piano
  • Songwriting

You help design your lessons and we will work together to help you develop your own style and get your music skills where you want them to be.

Lessons are once a week, 30 dollars a lesson. If you are interested or have questions please contact our instructor below.



Hannah Whorton

Head Instructor – Studio Musician

(870) 416 – 5510